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How to get on our waitlist?

Wait time for one of our Cavapoo puppies is about a 12-18 month wait, depending on where you are listed on our waitlist. We ask everyone that is interested in one of our future litters to please fill out our puppy application form (on our website). This way we can better match you with the kind of puppy that you are looking for and one that would suit your family and lifestyle. Once we receive your application (by email), we will contact you and try our best to answer your questions. The steps as to how to get on our waitlist are listed below:

  1. Fill out our puppy application form. 

  2. Once we review and accept your application, you will get an email regarding our upcoming litters, and an estimated time frame as to how long a wait time for one of our puppies is. 

  3. Once we receive both your application form, you will get a confirmation email and a waitlist number. You may view our waitlist on our website, which has first name and last initial and your puppy preference (color and gender). Do not be discouraged by where you stand on our waitlist. There is always a possibility that we can make it to the end of our waitlist with any given litter. We give everyone three times to pass on a litter before being removed from our waitlist. 

  4. You may continue to reach out to us by email at any time. We like hearing from people and are happy to answer any questions we can about our puppies.

What happens once I am on the waitlist?

 Once we have a litter born, we will post the announcement on our Facebook page and website (under Nursery). Within the two weeks of the litter being born, we will contact those on our waitlist starting with the top ten people to let them know what we may have available (keep in mind the breeder always has first choice). You can either choose a puppy from our current litter or choose to pass and wait for a future litter. People have an option to pass three times on a litter with an available puppy of their preference, before being removed from our waitlist. We feel this is a fair way to make room for others wanting a chance to pick. We let people pick (in order of placement on our waitlist) around the litters fifth week by either pictures and videos or a Facetime call. We typically hold off on in person meets at this age to protect the litter from parvovirus or other illnesses when their immune systems are still developing. We feel by the fifth week we have a good idea of coat type and personality. We will have a scheduled "Puppy Picking Day" depending on the litter's birthday. Once you pick a puppy is when you put down a $500 deposit to hold the puppy of your choice until pick up day. Your deposit is non-refundable. Puppy pick up day is scheduled between the puppy's eighth-ninth week. You may pick up at our house or we can help schedule a puppy flight nanny if you are picking up from out of state. 

When do I get to pick up my puppy?

We post weekly updated pictures and videos on our website. You can also find updates on our Facebook page and Instagram account. We typically let people chose their puppy around their fifth week. We will send people additional pictures, videos and offer to do a video call to help them pick their perfect pup.

* You may pick up your puppy after he/she turns eight weeks old. Either from our home, a convenient meeting place or at one of our closest larger airports on our scheduled pick-up days. Our closest airport from our home in Marysville is Sacramento International Airport.

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