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1. We do not guarantee the puppy's full-grown size, color, temperament, coat texture (curliness), or shedding amount.


2. The puppy is weaned, in good health, has been vet checked (around seven weeks old), and is up to date on vaccinations and deworming before leaving to their new home.


3. The new owner agrees to take their new puppy to their established vet within a week of the adoption date and give their new puppy the remaining puppy (parvo) vaccinations. The new owner agrees to not take the puppy to public places (such as dog parks), until ALL parvo vaccinations are complete, and the puppy is completely parvo immune.

4. Our puppies are placed in pet homes only with the agreement to spay/neuter at the recommended age (after six months old).

5. Our puppies can either be registered (limited) with A.K.C or C.K.C.

6. The new owners agree to never sell or rehome the puppy. If for any reason the new owner is unable to keep the puppy, they must contact the original owner (myself) and the puppy may be returned. 

7. After the puppy leaves our home, the new owners are responsible for all veterinary bills and pet expenses. 

8. We provide a two year genetic health guarantee towards any genetic/ life threatening illnesses. We do not cover any infectious diseases or preventable accidents. 

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