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Our Dogs

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Meet the dog family of Divinity Grace!

Each one of our dogs is unique and special.

We feel blessed to have them as part of our family.

All of our parent dogs are DNA health tested and dual registered with the American Kennel Club (A.K.C) and the Continental Kennel Club (C.K.C).



Saoirse (pronounced/ seer-sha), is our beautiful Ruby Cavalier King Charles Spaniel girl.  She is registered with the American Kennel Club and has had her DNA health testing completed through Embark. She is affectionately nicknamed "Our Little Lady/Lassie Girl". She is the daughter of Emma Grace. Saoirse has her mom's grace and charm. She is gentle, loving and gives the best kisses. 

IMG_0289 (1).JPG

Lucy Lou

Lucy Lou, "Lulu", is our beautiful Tri, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. She is a spunky, silly, happy-go-lucky girl. Lulu and Louie grew up together from puppyhood and are best pals. They are inseparable and can often be seen chasing each other around the yard for a favorite toy, or sharing a good bone.  Lulu comes from A.K.C champion lines and has been DNA health tested through Embark.


Treasure is a Blenheim Cavalier from our last litter with Emma. Her dad is our handsome Louie, who she takes after in looks. She has both her parent's happy, and sweet personalities. Treasure always knows how to make our day brighter. She has the best smile and gives the sweetest Cavalier cuddles. She is a real treasure to our family, and we don't know what we would do without our happy girl.

Treasure is registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC) and has been DNA health tested through Embark.



Princess Paisley is our stunning, black and tan Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Her AKC pedigree has lines from Sweden, Germany, and France. She is Embark DNA tested clear. Paisley is a calm, sweet girl but she can also be outgoing and playful. Her favorite game is fetch and she will bring you her toy to let you know she wants to play. Paisley has a petite build and beautiful markings. She brings us so much joy and we love her so much!

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Rosie is our lovely ruby Cavalier King Charles Spaniel girl. She has a wonderful, champion line, AKC pedigree and is DNA clear by parentage. Rosie has a sweet soul and endless love to give. She is the ultimate "velcro" dog and wants to be by your side, or better yet on your lap smothering you with her special "Rosie Kisses".   



Ember is our beautiful, red, Mini Poodle girl. She is A.K.C registered and Embark DNA health tested. She is the daughter of Flash and has his sweet, laid-back, silly personality. Ember is very much a "Velcro" dog and loves to be up on a lap giving kisses. She is such a darling girl.


Princess Ariel


Ariel is an A.K.C ruby Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.  Ariel is my sister Bella's special girl. They have a sweet bond and go everywhere together. Ariel is one of our more petite Cavaliers but has a big heart. She loves to cuddle and be close to her human family. Ariel is quiet and happy to be doing whatever we are doing. She loves to play with her toys and thinks every toy in the house is for her. To let you know it's time to play she will bring her toy and lay it in your lap. She even knows a few tricks, such as sit pretty (for photos), roll over and knows how to paw. She has a sense of style and loves going shopping with her favorite girl.




Jessie Doll is our sweet and petite, sable red Cavapoo girl. Her mom is a tri Cavalier and her dad is a red Toy Poodle. Jessie is C.K.C registered and DNA health tested.

 She is sweet as can be, and we love her to pieces. She loves to jump right up in your lap for cuddles as soon as you sit down in a chair. Besides cuddling she loves to make pillow forts on the bed (and snuggle underneath) and beg for treats (she has the most endearing puppy dog eyes). It's hard not to fall in love with Jessie's darling personality and we feel blessed to call her ours.



Avie Girl, also affectionately nicknamed "Little Avie Appleseed" as a puppy by my youngest brother, is the first Cavapoo we have kept from one of our own litters. Her mom is our ruby Cavalier Saoirse and her dad is our apricot and white Mini Poodle Chestnut "Chess". Avie is also the granddaughter of our first Cavalier Emma Grace which makes her all that more special. Avie is C.K.C registered and DNA heath tested. She has a soft, wavy apricot coat and her dad's charming smile (typically with her tongue hanging out happily). She also took after her dad's love of water. She just can't help herself when she sees a sprinkler going or kiddie pool filled with water. She just LOVES playing in water! Avie has a joyful personality and makes all of our hearts happy.