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Moving Update & Waitlist Re-opening Date

Now that we've officially moved from Marysville, California to Doerun, Georgia and will be having some upcoming Cavapoo litters this spring 2023 (updates to follow), we have decided to re-open our waitlist on December 30th! We have updated our waitlist process that will hopefully make things more efficient for everyone. We ask those that were previously on our waitlist to please re-submit our puppy application form as we have also updated our application. Those on our previous waitlist will of course have priority. There will be a $50- application fee to join our new waitlist. Once we receive both your application form and waitlist deposit fee you will get a confirmation email regarding our waitlist status (wait time for one of our puppies) and your waitlist number. We now have a Waitlist page on our website, that you may view it at any time. We will continue to update the list (move people up) as we have future litters. There are three separate waitlists for Cavapoos, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, and Mini Poodles. You may specify which list you would like to be on, when filling out our application form. For more information about our waitlist process check out our About Our Waitlist page on our website.

We will not be accepting new applications until December 30th. On December 30th we will make another announcement reminding everyone our waitlist is re-opened. The waitlist will remain open depending on how many applications we receive. We will add people to the waitlist in the order we receive applications. We will respond to everyone's emails as soon as we can.

Once you are placed on our waitlist, wait time for one of our puppies is an estimate of six to 12 months, depending on where you are on the waitlist. Do not be discouraged as to where you stand on the waitlist as there is always the possibility that we may make it down to the bottom of the list with any given litter; it really just depends. Litter updates will be posted under our Nursery page on our website.

Reminder: Since we are now located in Southwest Georgia puppies will need to be either picked up at our new home in Doerun or we will need to arrange for pick up at our closest major airport (either Atlanta GA or Tallahassee FL). We can also help arrange for a puppy nanny to help fly puppies to be picked up at an airport close to you.

Feel free to reach out to us by email at with any questions about our application, waitlist, or puppies. Thank you for following us, our dog family, and our adventures. Thank you also for your patience as we settle into our new home in Georgia. We will continue to catch up on emails these next few days. We hope everyone had a very merry Christmas. We look forward to updating everyone about our new puppies growing up here at Divinity Grace soon!

-Shaylin and the Divinity Grace Family

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