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Exciting News for Divinity Grace Cavapoos!

We have exciting news here at Divinity Grace Cavapoos! The oldest of the three-sister team, Shaylin, was just married to Gregory and they’re going to live at our same home in Marysville, California. He has already loved our family and the puppies, and we’re happy our family is becoming larger. The two younger sisters, Emily and Bella, are happily adjusting to the South Georgia farm life, surrounded by our amazing, dog loving cousins. Our entire family is very close, and we’ll continue to do this together by flying back and forth frequently. We’re happy we’ll be able to provide puppies on both sides of the U.S. now! Contact anytime to congratulate Shaylin and Gregory and find out what’s new and upcoming in the puppy nursery.

Picture of the newlyweds (before and after)

Picture of the Southern Belles enjoying a beautiful day in Georgia.

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