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Cavapoo Waiting List Update

Dear Friends,

It has been my intention to update everyone and reopen the interest list this month, but I am unfortunately not ready to do that quite yet. My family has decided to relocate to the south for multiple reasons, mainly because our roots and family are there and because houses with property are much more affordable than in California. My plan is to send out a new application to those on my current interest list first and those that are still wanting a puppy will remain in the same waiting order without losing their place. The application will then become available for anyone, and they will be approved and added to the waitlist as they are received. We are currently looking at various homes in Georgia and most likely the closest regional airport to us will be Atlanta, but that’s not definite yet. We will still be willing to assist in pet nanny flight arrangements or by meeting new puppy parents at the closest major airport, etc. My adult brother will continue to be in the Sacramento area, so we may also be able to have a family member fly with a puppy as we will be visiting him. You will also always still be very welcome to come to our home for pickup. As soon as we have a definite moving date and place, we will be updating you with our new information. We have not been planning to have many puppies until after our move, as we don’t want to drive young puppies across the country but will have more available around the beginning of the year. I apologize for any inconvenience and will do my best to help in any way that I can. Thank you!

Sincerely, Shaylin

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My son and I live in Eureka, CA. I am looking for a Cavapoo breeder who will allow us to visit their litters and assess which puppy or puppies are most compatible to us, and see how they interact with people and each other. I am a firm believer that a puppy should be chosen by compatibility and not just appearance. I would prefer a smaller Cavapoo. Do you know of any other breeders in California who would allow us to meet and interact with their puppies and their parents? Thanks for any assistance you can provide in locating such a breeder.


Gail Moore

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